martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Donald Heald Original Antique Books Prints and Maps

Donald Heald Original Antique Books Prints and Maps: In our 40 year history we have established ourselves among the world's leading authorities on fine illustrated and colour plate books, prints & drawings and maps.

We specialize in Botany, Ornithology, Natural History, Americana, Native Americans, Maps & Atlases, Voyages & Travels and Sporting.

Our collection, which is unrivalled in size, content and quality, includes the works of renowned artists and authors including Besler, Thornton, Redout�, Audubon, Gould, Barraband, Catlin, Bodmer, McKenney & Hall, Blaeu, Ortelius, Mercator, Daniell, Hill, Stubbs, Herring and Alken.

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